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In the ski and snowboard schools in the Zillertal you learn skiing or snowboarding in Fügen-Kaltenbach and environs under expert guidance. In an efficient and entertaining way you will be taught the necessary basics by experienced and excellently trained ski instructors in the ski and snowboard schools in Fügen and Kaltenbach. After that, you have the option to further develop your skills in an advanced level skiing course to become an absolute slope professional!

The skiing & snowboard schools in Fügen-Kaltenbach have suitable and bespoke offers for every skier and snowboarder. Whether you are a beginner or have more advanced level experience - the experienced ski instructors always endeavour to bring your skill set to the highest standard and make your winter holiday in the Zillertal something quite special!
The aim is to provide ski instruction with perfection and passion. The ski schools in the holiday region of Fügen-Kaltenbach seek to be enthusiastic when showing the special features of this sport to experienced skiers and those new to skiing alike. The experienced and highly qualified ski instructors provide you with the basic details of skiing. Then nothing stands in the way of you heading out by yourself on the wonderfully prepared ski pistes in Fügen and Kaltenbach! The various courses for those at an advanced level also provide an opportunity to become a real piste pro

Private ski instructors are available to provide individual instruction on skiing technique – they focus wholly on your requirements and your skill level and teach you ski techniques as part of a private lesson.

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Ski & snowboard schools