Ski rental shops

Ski rental

Top service and optimal equipment is offered by the ski rental and sport shops in the first holiday region in the Zillertal.

In the ski rental program, both beginners and professional find the perfect equipment. The ski rental consultants help you choose your complete outfit, analyse your needs and find the suitable skis or the right snowboard for you. The staff of the ski rental shops can supply you with any type of ski equipment you need for an unforgettable vacation in the first holiday region in the Zillertal ! And this applies to couples as well as to the entire family out to enjoy skiing with children.

In the ski rental shops in our region you always get the newest type of equipment for your skiing course in the Zillertal. From carving, rocker or twin tips skis to snowboards and touring skis up to cross-country equipment. For your security you can, of course, also rent suitable helmets. Suitable ski boots from the comprehensive assortment available completes the perfect equipment for an exciting ski day in the skiing areas Hochzillertal, Hochfügen and Spieljoch.

As a matter of course, all skis, snowboards and such in the ski rental shops in Fügen and Kaltenbach are examined after each use and honed with modern, computer-assisted honing devices, and shoes are fully automatically dried and disinfected. In each ski rental shop in Fügen, Kaltenbach and the region group rates are offered as well. Ask the ski rental shop directly and ensure the personal best rate for you!

Ski rental shops in the Zillertal

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Alpin ski rent Zillertal - Fügen

Place: Fügen
Address: Pankrazbergstraße 50, 6263 Fügen

Backyard Snowboarding

Place: Aschau
Address: Dorfstraße 45, 6274 Aschau im Zillertal


Place: Kaltenbach
Address: Schmiedau 2, 6272 Kaltenbach

Intersport Bründl

Place: Fügen
Address: Hochfügenerstr. 77, 6263 Fügen


Place: Schlitters
Address: Gewerbepark 27 F, 6262 Schlitters

skiCHECK - ski school & rent

Place: Fügenberg - Hochfügen
Address: Dorfplatz 1, 6263 Fügen

Ski school - Sport Kostenzer

Place: Fügen
Address: Hochfügener Str. 65, 6263 Fügen

Skischool Aktiv

Place: Fügen
Address: Pankrazbergstr. 1, 6263 Fügen

Skischool Kostenzer

Place: Fügenberg - Hochfügen
Address: Hochfügen 30, 6264 Fügenberg

skirental Hochzillertal

Place: Stumm
Address: Dorfstraße 11, 6275 Stumm