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18.05 - 27.10.2024


The mountain delivers what its name promises, providing visitors of all ages plenty of fun and all sorts of adventures in the great outdoors.
You and your family can enjoy a ride up to the 1,858 metre high Spieljoch mountain on the state-of-the-art, barrier-free 10-passenger gondola lift from Fügen.

Summer - Highlight

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Beste Bergbahn Auszeichnung Spieljochbahn


The Spieljochbahn has been awarded as one of the "BEST AUSTRIAN SUMMER CABLE CARS" since 2005.
The quality seal "BEST AUSTRIAN SUMMER CABLE CARS" guarantees a high-quality offering in the mountains. 

Water Park

Directly next to the the Spieljochbahn, there is a water playground for playing and splashing around. Children playfully discover the world of water on balancing stones, the water stairs or the play raft, dam the water with wooden half-shells or play with water syringes. On the floor trampolines and the climbing spider next to the play pond, there's dry play fun!

Summit Barefoot Trail

The Summit Barefoot Trail runs next to the water Park and takes you via various natural layers of rock up to the Spieljoch summit at 1,920 metres. Sharpen your senses as you climb and sense nature with your bare feet. You walk across some stony ground, soft bark mulch and hard tree stumps to the top, where you’ll be rewarded with wonderful panoramic views of the Zillertal valley.

Klettern mit Kindern Spieljoch

Children’s Crag

On the Spieljoch Climbing Mountain children can have their first go at climbing - supervised by professional guides. The experts at the climbing courses teach children the basic rock climbing skills. The climbing wall routes of varying degrees of difficulty provide the perfect training basis before setting off up the actual rock or the via ferrata. Climbing equipment can be rented on site.

Kinder im Hochseilgarten am Spieljoch

High Ropes Course

Equipped with climbing harness and helmet, you make your way across the ropes course, suspended a few metres above the safety of terra firma, on swinging ropes and loose steps. Fun is guaranteed at the ten stations, but balance and skill are required! The starting point is just a 5-minute walk up from the mountain station. And if you’ve still not had enough thrills, you can experience lift-off on the Flying Fox zip-line right next door!

Spaß und Action bei Flying Fox

Flying Fox zip-line

The 300-metre long Flying Fox zip-line is not for those of a nervous disposition! Roughly a 5-minute walk up from the mountain station is the start of the Flying Fox with the most panoramic views. Against a breathtaking backdrop, you soar at an awesome height over the Spieljoch. If the ride’s too fast, simply pull on the on-board brake. 

Familientour mit Monsterroller im Zillertal

Monster roller

Every day from 11 am, the Monster Roller or the Mountain Cart whisks you down a forest road from the Spieljoch mountain station to the middle station. You can make the 6.5 km long descent on your own on the Monster Roller or as a couple - parent and child, for example - on the Mountain Cart. If the trail’s not long enough for you, you can carry on to the valley station. There’s on-site training how to use the downhill equipment before you set off and you can also be accompanied by a guide. Skill and courage required, fun and action guaranteed!

Crystal Mine for children/Kristallpark

At the Crystal Mine on the Spieljoch massif, children can see for themselves at touching distance how stones and crystals are extracted. During the one-hour mine walk, children themselves can try to find mountain crystals in the rock crystal pools, wash them and fill their leather bag. The three most beautiful crystals are then processed and can be taken home as a souvenir.

Relax- & Balance-Park

Surrounded by one of the most beautiful panoramas in the Zillertal valley, the Relax and Balance Park is located by the reservoir lakes below the mountain station. Beautiful trails go round the lakes - past the Eagle's Nest, the Rope Bridge, the Slackline Park and other balancing stations right next to the lake shore. By way of a slide with climbing frame or an embankment slide, you can make your way from the small lake to the large lake, where you can then treat yourself to a short break on the loungers surrounded by stunning scenery.

Nepalbrücke Zillertaler Berge

Nepalese Bridge

You balance intrepidly at a dizzying height on the Nepalese bridge safely secured with a harness to a tightrope suspended across the "Kaunzbucht" - right next to the Spieljoch mountain station. Despite the best equipment and all due safety precautions, the balancing act still requires calm, skill and above all courage! A pure adrenaline rush for everyone, with the added thrill of magnificent panoramic views. 

Familienausflug Schaubergwerk Zillertal

Spieljoch Show Mine

The Öxeltal Show Mine is 45 minutes from the Spieljoch mountain station. During the journey into the mountain, the qualified mining guide tells you all about the mine’s 400-year-old history. A unique experience for the whole family - and the perfect destination for hot days!

Tubing run

The tubing run at the mountain station provides lots of fun for young and old. Action-packed, cool and exciting!

opening times summer 2024

  first ascent last ascent last descent
18.05 - 27.10.2024 09.00 16.00 16.30

Ascent & descent prices summer 2024

Prices in € Adult without guest card Adult with guest card children (2009-2017)
ascent & descent (1st & 2nd section) € 29,00 € 28,00 € 14,00
ascent or descent (1st & 2nd section) € 21,00 € 20,00 € 10,00
ascent & descent (1 section) € 21,00 € 20,00 € 10,00
ascent or descent (1 section) € 15,00 € 14,00 € 7,00
3x ascent & descent (for one person) € 68,00 € 66,00 € 33,00
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