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The new adventure therme in the Zillertal Valley is great fun for young and old. We are specially committed to fulfill children's needs.
The longest adventure slide of west Austria with 133m and time measurement, bubble grottes with watherfall, climbing nets and a large area for toddlers provide unlimited fun for those you love swimming. And it's an unforgettable adventure for all kids. Forget all the other water worlds and experience the new dimension of spending your leisure time in the Zillertal valley.

The wellness and sauna areas of the adventure therme in the Zillertal valley are an ideal retreat from the hectic everyday life.
With atmospherich light effects, sooting sounds and stimulating fragrances you will be able to relax and unwind your body and your soul. The visitors immerse into a world full of great spirits, which promote your well-being and help to escape all the hustle and bustle of the normal life.

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Erlebnistherme Zillertal
6263 Fügen - Badgasse 1
Phone: +43 (0)5288 63240
Fax: +43 (0)5288 63240 31

Opening Hours

daily 10am till 10pm


Erlebnistherme Zillertal
Badweg 1
6263 Fügen


Email :
Fax: (0043) 5288 63240 31
Tel: (0043) 5288 63240 0

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