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Dr. med. univ. Dominik Wildauer - Internist

Clarification and care of medical and general medical conditions Preventive medical check-ups (as part of the legal VU program) detailed health checks OP-releases Firemen investigations In addition to the detailed anamnesis interview and the detailed physical examination, sometimes also technical examinations are necessary in order to be able to make an exact diagnosis. In my practice, I can fall back on the following apparatus investigations - in each case according to the current state of the art - Resting ECG Stress ECG (ergometry) 24 h ECG including heart rate variability measurement (HRV) and "fire-of-life" analysis (important to determine the burn-out risk, among others), if required up to 7 days recording possible (external loop recorder) 24-h blood pressure measurement Spirometry (lung function) state-of-the-art ultrasound - certified examinations of the heart, cerebral arteries, thyroid gland, lung / pleura, entire abdomen and peripheral veins immediately available acute laboratory - blood count with differential blood picture, CRP (inflammatory value), troponin I (to exclude myocardial infarction / myocardial damage), D-dimer (to exclude thrombosis / embolism), NT-proBNP (to exclude heart failure), urinary status fully digital x-ray

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