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Farm holidays

in Fügen-Kaltenbach

Do not just book farm holidays , but enjoy your vacation together with your entire family amidst the fascinating mountain world of the Alps, on a typical farm with its many traditions and passion for nature, animals and management of the farm!

Those who like to be particularly close to nature and animals have come to the right place when staying at one of the innumerable farms in the first holiday region in the Zillertal ! A great number of farms, whether in the valley or up on the mountain, invite you to spend a beautiful and particularly nature-oriented vacation, at a place where guests do not only have the animals within easy reach, but can also experience the everyday life of our farmers first hand.

experience tradition

Farm holidays

The region  Fügen-Kaltenbach & Region  do not just offer a wonderful mountain panorama, a variety of attractions, like the  Erlebnistherme Zillertal  and impressive  festivals , but also values traditions that have been important in the Zillertal for centuries and have remained almost unchanged to this day. It is especially the farmers who uphold these preserved traditions and customs and they do not only share their knowledge with their own children, but also grant insights to the guests on their farms.

One highlight you should not miss in your vacation in the Zillertal is the ceremonial driving down of cattle from the mountain pastures into the valley in autumn. Experience the way locals celebrate the end of a good summer and the beauty and health of the farmers cattles. You are welcome to join the event and taste some of the local delicacies, which are home-made by farmers.

Another culinaric excursion is the farmer’s market in Fügen , which takes place from spring to autumn. Monthly on every second friday you can experience local hospitality and taste and purchase regional food and specialties. An adventure for the whole family!


Everyday farm life

Everyday life of our farmers already begins early with the stable work, which you cannot only watch, but where you are also allowed to assist. Especially the children of our guests look forward to the stable hours with particular excitement as they are eager to help.

Stable work

Animals do not only enjoy being petted, but are even more pleased when being fed and looked after. During stable hours, whether in the morning or at night, farm guests are granted the opportunity to put their milking skills to the test.

Field work

To ensure that the animals have enough to eat, the farmers take care of the field work during the day. While the farmers in the valley can take care of most of the work using a tractor, mountain farmers have to complete their farm work investing physical effort and tools such as rakes or shovels.