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Special exhibition

Stille Nacht and the Sound of the Alps

From the Zillertal in Tirol to the wider world

Exhibition Opening

Sa, 30th June 2018 off 1 pm at Schloss Fügen

with Harfenduo Steinberger, Zillertaler Weisenbläser, Schwenberger Geigenmusik and much more

200 years "Stille Nacht"

30 June 2018 - 2 February 2019 - Schloss Fügen

200 years ago tyrolean families of singers from the Zillertal took the simple folk song "Silent Night" out to the world. They created the "valley of music" which is now known in the whole world.

The exhibition

The exhibition

30 June 2018 - 2 February 2019 - Schloss Fügen

It was Tirolean families of singers, pedlars, dancers and jugglers, predominantly from the Zillertal valley, who took the simple folk song "Silent Night, Holy Night" and numerous other folk songs and alpine culture out into the wider world, making the Alps a place that people from all over the world long to visit - as they still do today.

The state exhibition is housed in more than 30 rooms and over an area of 1,500 m2 in the Baroque castle of Schloss Fügen and the Museum in der Widumspfiste in Fügen/Zillertal. There are also eight other STN (Stille Nacht) exhibitions in the federal states of Salzburg and Upper Austria. The main emphasis is placed on the worldwide dissemination of the Airs Tiroliens and in particular “Silent Night”, which has become a world-famous song of peace. It also shows the spread of Austrian singing and the origins and development of the “valley of music” - in both a Tirolean and international context - from the 18th century to today.

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Extract - Exhibition highlights on four levels

Level 1

  • Ticket Office -  Info
  • Cloakroom
  • Welcome Area and Lecture Hall
  • Shop

    Level 2

    • The Tiroleans are funny: from Peter Prosch to Schikaneder's “Der Tyroler Wastl" to Airs Tiroliens via Beethoven
    • Walk-in Giant Violin, the Zillertal valley as the oldest violin landscape
    • Listening stations, film clips, dressing up island with box of traditional costumes and photo stage
    • Tramplan Music and Dancing in the Zillertal - dance lessons for visitors
    • Poor Tirol - from the year without summer and the wars of liberation
    • The Origins of Peddling and Choral Societies
    • Biedermeier - the First Successes
    • The Rainers and the British Royal Family

      Level 3

      • Zillertal Band and the History of Emigration
      • large Rainer Concert Hall
      • on the trail of STN - "Truth or Forced Authenticity or History"
      • Organ maker Mauracher - a Dynasty with International Success
      • Rainer and Strasser - the Worldwide Spread of STN
      • Kitsch and Dross - the Marketing
      • Ludwig Rainer in America “Tyrolese Minstrels 1841”
      • the Halcyon Days of National Singers

      Level 4

      • from concerts for guests to Tirolean Evenings
      • Yodel School
      • the Tiroleans are funny – “ich kauf mir lieber einen Tiroler Hut”
      • “Zillertal du bist mei Freud” – Homeland music movie – Cinema room
      • Folk music bands
      • The Schürzenjäger Hype
      • Hall of Fame